Louisiana Freedmen Missionary General Association

C/o St. John Institutional Missionary Baptist Church

2538 Jackson Avenue

New Orleans, Louisiana

Rev. Louis S. Jones, President

Rev. Mitchell J. Stevens, Sr., General Secretary






        The LA Freedmen Missionary General Association one of the oldest Christian organizations in the state. It was constituted in the city of New Orleans in 1869 by Elder Thos. Peterson, its founder, and others. It was incorporated June 16th, 1880. These veterans organized it with only seven churches, but at this writing, Moderator Brown and his followers praise God for sixty churches. Not only have they won stars for their crowns by doing church work, but by maintaining and supporting an Old Folks Home in which they have cared for scores of our old mothers. No race will live long that neglects its old and its young people. This Association, like the First District and a few others, is nobly living up to that phase of Christian religion which makes it BINDING to "visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction." Their asylum for the old people is a nice, large, commodious building valued at $5,000. It has a campus comprising 19 lots with a value of $10,000, making a total valuation of $15,000.

        The association's present membership is 3,000, and under the undaunted leadership of Moderator Brown this number will grow numerically, morally and spiritually. Bishop Brown is comparatively young in the work, but under God he has more than made good, and with his able staff of officers promises to do much more by way of bettering conditions in the city of New Orleans.

        The Association's first Executive Board was as follows: Elders Tom Peterson, Charles Brooks, T. B. Evans, Palmer Elkins, Thomas Jones, Brothers Joseph Kion and Wm. Kelley.

        The present 1912 corps of officers and Executive Board follows: Bishop E. L. Brown, Moderator; Bishop N. Melrow, Vice Moderator; Bishop A. Guilliott, Corresponding Secretary; Bishop E. N. Webb, Recording Secretary; Bishop B. J. Stewart, Statistical Secretary, and Bishop R. W. Williams, Treasurer. Board Members: Brothers G. S. King, Wm. Brown, Robert Rush, James Roberson, Arthur James R. Carter, J. Thomas, C. V. Thomas, E. Scott, E. Washington, D. D. Marcell, C. Barber, Robert Riley and Sister Mamie Willis.




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